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George Vakouftsis was born in 1972 in Germany. He lives in Ano Liosia Athens, where his workshop is also located. He is a father of three.

From a young age, he was obviously inclined to the visual arts, he studied painting and iconography in Greece and abroad. He also successfully completed a series of seminars in colour physical properties and technology of paints and materials manufacture. He is a member of The Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece member of the Panhellenic. Associaton Of Hagiographi and also a member of Who is Who.

As an iconographer, he deals with illustrations of temples, icons and art restoration. He has edited the painting of numerous churches, monasteries and private temples in many parts of Greece. Projects of the workshop can be found in Greece and various parts of the world such as: New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Sweden, England, Germany, USA, Canada, S. Africa, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.


















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